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A.B. Data offers comprehensive data management solutions to B2C and B2B marketers in the retail, catalog, publishing, printing, health care, financial, nonprofit and insurance industries. As a one-stop provider, we will create and maintain your database, and work with it from the ground up to get your campaigns ready for mailing.

We offer several options for getting your data to us, including FTP, SSL FTP, HTTPS, and VPN. Our data specialists also work with tape cartridges, PGP encrypted files, and indexed files. We can convert virtually any file type, from AFP to XLS.

Our database experts utilize CASS Certified software, ensuring near-perfect address hygiene. A suite of postal products combined with our own proprietary software, NCOALink, DPV, LACSLink and more, eliminates undeliverable addresses from your lists and corrects the addresses of those who have moved. Our custom clean programs will also ensure that your money will not be spent mailing to addresses on the DMA pander file, no mail, no call, or deceased lists, as well as eliminate other unwanted or undeliverable records.

Once we've cleaned up your data, our top-flight match/consolidate and merge/purge software will eliminate or combine duplicate records. We will work personally with you to allow you to specify exactly how you want your data to be consolidated. Finally, we will append the information that you've been missing to your files. Anything from SIC codes, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, gender codes, latitude/longitude coordinates, and other demographic and psychographic information can be added to your database to create greater marketing opportunities. Sorting your data is easy with solutions such as our Radius Processing service, which allows you to mail only to the cities or regions you want, sortable down to within a mile of any ZIP code in the nation.

Once your data is all cleaned up and ready to go, our PAVE Certified postal processing software will ensure that your mailings follow postal regulations to the letter, allowing for the best postal discounts available for First-Class, Standard, Periodicals, Bound Printed Matter, Irregular Parcels and Media mail. Our postal experts are trained in everything from palletization to drop shipping and mail.dat file generation.

A.B. Data has nearly 30 years of experience working with dozens of binderies, printing companies and lettershops across the country. A strong relationship with these vendors will ensure an efficient transition of your data, all the way to the mailbox.