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A.B. Data complements our suite of direct marketing solutions with detailed reporting virtually every step along the way. Our quality control reporting process generates automatic reports as we manage your data. These reports come to you instantly, allowing you to review and approve our data management steps, if necessary, or simply to have a record of our work. As simple Excel spreadsheets, you can open, sort or customize them with ease.

Our customized reporting solution is a smart and critical tool for planning your next marketing campaigns. A.B. Data's highly trained data specialists have the programming expertise to provide you with detailed reports tailored to your needs. Whether you need a tally of your customers divided by state or ZIP code, information about the loyalty or spending habits of your customers, or a combination of any fields, we can handle virtually any queries you have. Check out our scoreRFM service for just one example of the premier services we offer.

Contact A.B. Data today to find out how our database team can help you organize your marketing endeavors.